With precision and planning, we will ensure you don’t pay more taxes than you should.

Our Services

We offer a full range of specialized US and Canada cross-border tax planning and preparation services, and compliance consulting. We can work with you from the start of your cross-border venture, setting up effective planning, or take an assessment of your current tax situation, and implement new strategies to improve on areas you may not have considered.

The sooner you get good advice, the better your long-term tax position will be.

In the world of business and tax, change is always occurring. Kaman Kwok’s team of professionals stay up to date on all the latest changes to tax laws in both the US and Canada. We have the tools and expertise to ensure cross-border tax compliance, and we are equipped to help you keep up to date on the latest rules and governing laws.

Whether you are an individual, corporation or general tax advisor or tax professional, if you have any US and Canada cross-border tax questions, we can help.

US & Canada cross-border consulting & tax planning.

Comprehensive tax solutions.

We focus on providing comprehensive tax solutions that align with our client’s goals. We are specialists in this intricate area of tax planning, and maintain the most up-to-date resource in all areas of cross-border tax preparation, planning and compliance.

US & Canada cross-border tax preparation and compliance.

Understanding your responsibilities.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in providing tax compliance services to a variety of different clients, including US citizens and green card holders, Canadian residents, part-year residents as well as non-residents.

Services for Canadian citizens, residents and other non-US residents.

Tax planning for “Snowbirds” and more.

Having the ability to move from one country to the other, with forward thinking and a plan, ensures you will protect all your assets and interests on both sides of the border. We assist in this process with knowledge of the options available to you.

US tax filing under streamlined filing compliance procedure.

The rules can change. We can help.

The rules can change, and the details are often complicated. Our team can help you catch up, and will ensure that you are up to date with anything that could cause legal implications. Don’t delay on getting your tax situation in order.

Filing under the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP).

Keep up with the latest rules.

If you have been preparing your own taxes, you may feel overwhelmed keeping up with the changes to tax rules and compliance issues. We can be your advocate and represent you in dealings with the IRS to ensure you are using all the available programs.

Canadian Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP).

Avoid tax penalties and prosecution.

We have helped our clients to reduce the risk of potential penalties and prosecution should the CRA review any tax records in the future. If you think you inaccurately reported or missed filing, our team can identify any non-compliance issues.

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